Want to add length, volume and dimension to your hair?

Hair Extensions by Marilyn is located just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In a private, relaxing environment, certified technician Marilyn Jorgensen will make your desire for thicker, longer, more beautiful hair a reality. Whether you desire length, volume, color enhancement or simply to update your current style, Marilyn will apply 100% human hair strands to harmonize beautifully with your natural hair.

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About Us


Marilyn Jorgensen has been a certified Great Lengths professional for over 10 years, and most recently accomplished an additional certification for Great Lengths Tape-Ins, and has been a certified Hair Dreams partner for over 3 years. In order to offer a range of options to meet her clients’ needs, she is additionally certified by Dreamcatchers, Vision Hair Extensions and Extreme Eyelashes.


Please click on "before & after" above to view some of Marilyn's work. She is now also work with called Hair Compounds, a "Cylinder method of installation".

Marilyn has been a hair stylist for over 32 years. She is a master Framesi color specialist trained under Framesi, Paul Mitchell, Redkin, Rusk, Sebastian, Toni & Guy and other international platform artists. She strives to continually educate herself in this exciting and always changing industry in order to perform above and beyond her clients' expectations. Marilyn have recently been certified and now offer Great Lengths Tape Ins.


Please click on "methods & products" above to learn more about the Great Lengths and Vision products she uses and how hair extensions work.



Marilyn is certified with four different hair extension companies - Dreamcatchers, Great Lengths, Hair Dreams and Vision, and she will work with you to determine which is best for you to reach your desired results. Marilyn work with called Hair Compounds, a "Cylinder method of installation".


In addition to applying the extensions, Marilyn also offers cutting, coloring and styling services. Her expert service doesn't end with the initial appointment. Marilyn ensures superior results through follow up visits as well.

With Great Lengths, she brings the client back in to check all bonds and makes sure they've bonded properly. She also replaces any lost bonds that the client brings into the appointment. Great Lengths is a natural protein and needs two weeks to harden to its natural state.

With Hair Dreams and Vision, the follow up time is one week. Although the bonding material is also a protein-based polymer like Great Lengths, it's synthetic and hardens right away.

Also, about 6 weeks after the extensions are bonded, she recommends the client come in for a clean-up trim of any loose hair that might have accumulated around the bonds. This will keep a very clean bond and prevent knotting.

Click here to learn more about the methods and products Marilyn uses.


Appointment cancellation and refund policy

Missed and rescheduled extension appointment charges

No charge for change of appointment with over 48 hour notice.


No charge for cancelled appointment with 48 hours notice if we have not already ordered your hair.

If hair has been ordered

For Vision and Hair Dreams, there is a $100 cancellation fee and clients cannot keep hair. With Great Lengths, the deposit will not be returned and client cannot keep hair.

Less than 48 hours notice

A $150 rescheduling fee will be added at the time of your visit.

Loss of 50% or more of deposit ($300 minimum), if canceling. Client cannot keep hair.

Extension refund policy

There are absolutely no refunds on extension services. You must realize that some people will simply not like having new hair attached to their own hair. Most people love extensions but there are exceptions and you can't always know ahead of time.

If you are extremely sensitive, you may not want to have them. You do need to give extensions a fair chance. It can take a week or two to get used to the feeling of the attachments. We are not responsible for personal preference. The extension hair may not feel exactly like your own hair and that is to be expected.

Before & After

Methods & Products


Marilyn specializes in these fine hair extension techniques.

Marilyn is managing partner at Tu Sei Bella, a fully licensed salon and spa just north of Pittsburgh, PA. She is certified in Dreamcatchers, Great Lengths, Hairdreams and Vision Hair extensions plus some other popular brands. She offers the best in service and knowledge and is committed to offering the most natural looking hair extension service while keeping the prices reasonable. She not only adds length and volume to normal, healthy heads of hair but also works with thinning hair, trichotillomania and hair loss due to chemotherapy and other conditions.

Dreamcatchers by Paris Hilton are no ordinary hair extensions and are made of the finest virgin european hair, so they can be styled, permed, and colored allowing you to treat them exactly as you would your own natural hair. Dreamcatchers will enable you to transform the appearance of fine, lifeless or short hair into thick, long, beautiful looking hair. What’s more, we don’t use any damaging glues, waxes, chemicals or weaves as do most other hair extension systems.

After many years of research, we have established the ultimate method of attachment which protects your own hair from any undue stress or damage. Hair extensions are not uncommon and have been widely used by a number of high profile celebrities.



Please feel free to email Marilyn if you have a question not listed here.
Great lengths requires that you do not shampoo until 2 day after application, because of the natural bonding.


Will people be able to tell that I'm wearing extensions?

The majority of clients want the most subtle, invisible look possible, and we are happy to accommodate. Anyone who has never met you will not be able to tell that the extensions aren't your very own hair.



I have very short hair. Can I get extensions?

If your hair is at least 3-5 inches long, you can get extensions. However, what you won't get a one length look. It will have to be layered throughout into a shag cut. Short hair appointments take longer, but the overall effect is great.



How long will it take to add extensions to my own hair?

The appointments run an average of 2-4 hours. For people with less hair (not necessarily fine hair) the appointments are shorter, for a lot of hair, appointments are longer.



Do I need to buy expensive special shampoos and conditioners?

You can use exactly the same products of your choice on your new hair that you would on your very own irreplaceable head of hair. Be light on conditioners, though, as they do loosen the bond. I would also avoid oil-based conditioners and all silicone products, as they may cause the hair to slip.


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Marilyn charges $35/hour for consultations.

This includes:

  • Choosing colors
  • Head measurement
  • Talking about the different options available
  • Answering questions

A deposit of 1/2 of the total cost is required to order the hair, and if paid at the time of consultation, the consultation fee is waived. The balance of payment is due at the time of application prior to the completion of the service. The consultation deposit fee is refunded from total application fee if the service is booked.

To set up a consultation, please contact Marilyn by email or phone: 412-370-2403.

Marilyn is managing partner at Tu Sei Bella, a fully licensed salon and spa just north of Pittsburgh, PA. Please feel free to contact her there: 412-767-5390

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