Want to add length, volume and dimension to your hair?

Hair Extensions by Marilyn is located just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In a private, relaxing environment, certified technician Marilyn Jorgensen will make your desire for thicker, longer, more beautiful hair a reality. Whether you desire length, volume, color enhancement or simply to update your current style, Marilyn will apply 100% human hair strands to harmonize beautifully with your natural hair.

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Marilyn specializes in these fine hair extension techniques


Marilyn specializes in these fine hair extension techniques.

Marilyn is managing partner at Tu Sei Bella , a fully licensed salon and spa just north of Pittsburgh, PA. She is certified in Dreamcatchers, Great Lengths, Hairdreams and Vision Hair extensions plus some other popular brands. She offers the best in service and knowledge and is committed to offering the most natural looking hair extension service while keeping the prices reasonable. She not only adds length and volume to normal, healthy heads of hair but also works with thinning hair, trichotillomania and hair loss due to chemotherapy and other conditions. She is now also offering micro point links by Cyberhair -- the solution to fine/thin hair that you’ve been searching for. Click here to learn more.

Dreamcatchers by Paris Hilton are no ordinary hair extensions and are made of the finest virgin european hair, so they can be styled, permed, and colored allowing you to treat them exactly as you would your own natural hair. Dreamcatchers will enable you to transform the appearance of fine, lifeless or short hair into thick, long, beautiful looking hair. What’s more, we don’t use any damaging glues, waxes, chemicals or weaves as do most other hair extension systems.


After many years of research, we have established the ultimate method of attachment which protects your own hair from any undue stress or damage. Hair extensions are not uncommon and have been widely used by a number of high profile celebrities.


Seen on "extreme makeover" and used by many celebrities such as Faith Hill & Britney Spears.


Many women dream of long, thick healthy hair, and until now, only few have had this dream come true because their own hair is only rarely capable of coping with the strains it is exposed to during all the years it needs to grow. One of the purposes of great lengths is to remedy this matter: our system offers all women the opportunity to make this dream come true! human hair grows approximately 1/2" per month on average. With Great Lengths, you will have up to 24" long hair within a few hours! And, it lasts up to 6 months.


Great Lengths uses Indian temple hair -- the best human hair available. Then they gently change the color, no bleach is ever used, so we can get an exact match for every client.


Plus Great Lengths' method is unique and extremely gentle. There is no gluing, knotting or welding. The modulation technique is a revolutionary system -- an extremely durable, yet gentle, bonding attaches Great Lengths hair to your own hair.


Great Lengths hair extensions cost

Great Lengths hair extensions are a strand by strand method where the extension hair is attached to your hair by a keratin based polymer bond ½" away from your scalp. They are very tiny bonds that are nearly invisible. A person would have to come over and part your hair with their hands to see the bonds. Great Lengths uses the highest quality hair available.

The hair has a body wave and can be blown dry straight. They are worn by celebrities all over the world. The extensions last 4-6 months with proper care and take 4-5 hours to put in. The average cost for a full head application is $1200-2000; very thick hair or extra long hair could be more. To thicken up thin hair can be less than $700. The price includes the 100% human hair extensions, application, cut and style. Brush and products are an additional cost.


Gorgeous hair extensions, natural volume with hair thickening, hair lengthening and trendy styling ideas with effect strands. Anything is possible with hairdreams top-quality human hair and professional hair extension system.


Hairdreams is a unique process developed and applied by computer controlled modulator. Extremely similar to great lengths in all ways with the exception of the bond material. Hairdreams bond is titled “thermoplast” and consists of nylon based material. The hair is very high quality and moves and shines extremely well.

Marilyn is a hairdreams partner

Hairdreams works with leading stylists around the whole world, including many top stylists in metropolises such as Milan, Paris, or New York, who regularly style celebrities, actresses, singers and models with hair from Hairdreams. When cooperating with its partners, Hairdreams particularly insists on a top class professional qualification. Every Hairdreams stylist is intensively trained by an experienced staff trainer and regularly trained on the latest application techniques. So you can rely on the fact that, when it comes to hair extensions you are always in the best hands with a Hairdreams partner.

Hairdreams hair extensions cost

Hairdreams extensions are comparable in cost to Great Lengths.


Top quality - 100% human hair - best value Vision hair extensions are made exclusively of 100% virgin hair, collected from the temples of India. This special “temple virgin hair” is acquired from devoted women who offer their hair as a spiritual gift. This hair is the most perfect hair available to extend hair because of its natural body and fine texture. Because Vision hair extensions only uses hair that has not been chemically treated or damaged by UVA rays, Vision hair extensions is guaranteeing you extensions of only the highest quality. But a great value. Vision hair extensions are charged at $100 per bundle, most people need 6-9 bundles to complete a head. Because the Vision system uses individual strands of hair (rather than a bulky weave), your hair has a free-flowing movement for easy management and a totally natural look.

Vision hair extensions cost

If you are looking for a great extension at a great price then Vision is for you! They are a strand by strand method like Great Lengths but at a much lower price. The hair is available in silky straight and curly. Most people can get a full head of Vision extension for under $800.


Marilyn charges $35/hour for consultations.

This includes:

  • Choosing colors
  • Head measurement
  • Talking about the different options available
  • Answering questions

A deposit of 1/2 of the total cost is required to order the hair, and if paid at the time of consultation, the consultation fee is waived. The balance of payment is due at the time of application prior to the completion of the service. The consultation deposit fee is refunded from total application fee if the service is booked.

To set up a consultation, please contact Marilyn by email or phone: 412-370-2403.

Marilyn is managing partner at Tu Sei Bella, a fully licensed salon and spa just north of Pittsburgh, PA. Please feel free to contact her there: 412-767-5390

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